Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of renting a tuxedo or suit?
A: Between $60-$174.95 depending on which rental tuxedo or suit you select.

Q: Is there a deposit required to rent?
A: Either $20.00 for in-house rentals and half of the total balance for special order rentals.

Q: Do I get my deposit back upon returning the rental?
A: No, the deposit goes toward the price of the rental. It is not an additional charge.

Q: Do you sell tuxedos or suits?
A: Yes, we sell both tuxedos and suits.

Q: When can I pick up my tuxedo?
A: A weekend event allows for a pick up the Thursday prior to the event after 3:00PM, any time Friday, or Saturday during business hours. Weekday events allow for a pick up the business day prior. Need it sooner? Just let us know and we can help to arrange an early pick up.

Q: When does my tuxedo need to be returned?
A: Rentals for weekend events are due back the following Monday before close at 6:00PM. Weekday rentals are due back the following business day. Need a late return? Just let us know and we can help arrange a late return.

Q: Does my rental include shoes?
A: Yes! Black patent shoes are complimentary with any tuxedo or suit rental.