Absolutely every piece/place/person has a very meaningful place in our hearts and it made our day truly ours and wonderful. Everything fell perfectly into place. It was very important to me that my best friend enjoy the experience of our wedding as much as I did, and through every step of the way, I truly believe the vendors we chose made that happen. It started at Step’n Out when I tried on dresses with no idea what I wanted. Marge was fantastic and helped find MY dress with very little help from me. Then bringing my best friend and the girls being able to find a few dresses for her to try on. She stood on the podium and told me she felt like a princess! I can’t express how grateful I am to you all that she was able to feel that way! I also came to pick up my dress before you opened on Saturday and Marge was there to let me in and get my dress…and send me out with a positive wish. I seriously can’t say enough how wonderful you all are at Step’n Out!!!​   -Kaycee